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A unique approach to catering specializing in restaurant style fine dining eXPeriences brought to you in your residence or location of your choice.

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Personal chef eXPeriences both on the go and concierge concepts uniquely designed for you and your dining needs to flow with your lifestyle.

epicurean adventures

Adventures designed for pleasure and for Adventurers who want to take their culinary skills beyond pleasure to the next level.

ar·ti·san·al per·fec·tions

Small batch food production available for purchase. Includes our famous roasted grapes, chimichurri, pesto and other delectables to help you create your own savory eXPeriences.

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food safety training

Certified ServSafe trainers and proctors available for food service professionals needing Food Handler and Food Manager certification. Call us for further details.

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Provide consulting services to culinary establishments for seasonal menu development, cost controls, technology, reporting and staffing. In addition, identify and develop culinary and technology solutions to increase efficiency, production and strengthen teams.

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Provide kitchen and pantry organization services to help you create the right kitchen atmosphere and flow for your needs.

Chef Rae, is an excellent demonstration of a professional woman deciding to pursue her passion and completely change her career direction. She began cooking as a little girl when she was 6 years old. Her fascination with the kitchen was first with helping her Momma make cakes during the holidays to get first dibs at the beaters. Eventually she was allowed to make her first culinary creation all by herself, a 1-2-3 Cake, a basic pound cake!

This awakened her passion to learn everything she could about baking and cooking. Instead of watching cartoons on Saturday mornings, Rae would watch the few cooking shows she found on PBS, then get her brother to ride bikes with her to the local grocery store Parker’s, charge any groceries needed to make that day’s masterpiece to her parent’s account (small town perk for the 80s) and create the dish based on her own interpretation.

 After over 20 years of working her way through the corporate world from Administrative Assistant to IT Business Analyst & Consultant, Rae took 2 years off focusing her sights at the Art Institute of Houston earning her Bachelor of Science in Culinary Management. At the Art Institute, Rae expanded her knowledge, skills and confidence needed to begin a successful professional chef career.

Following her entrepreneurial spirit, Chef Rae began divalicious dish, which is now the savory experience, as a blog in January 2010 around the time she set a goal to attend culinary school. During this time is when she fine-tuned her fusion style of cooking. Rae takes the flavors of traditional Southern dishes and artistically recreates them as unique, unforgettable dishes with influences from her African-American roots and the African Moor roots of Spain.

 Chef Rae began working as an Adjunct Culinary Arts Instructor with a local college as well as a Food Service Director for private schools managing both lunch and full-service catering services with over half-million dollar budgets. Both positions expanded Chef Rae‘s training experience as well as her knowledge base to manage events from small, intimate levels to large, personal and corporate level events.

Chef Rae is a foodie at heart and passionate in her role to serve and educate family, friends and clients about the culinary world.

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our journey

Dining is an eXPerience which creates memories that last a lifetime! This is one of the core beliefs for the savory experience (formerly divalicious dish).

We believe food is one of the global uniters in this world. No matter how casual or formal the setting, dining with family, friends or acquaintances brings us all closer together. It helps us to:

  • connect and build bridges,
  • learn about each other’s culture and traditions,
  • and leads us to discover we have more commonalities than we have differences.

In January 2010, Chef Rae founded divalicious dish as a blog and cooking club concept to provide a needed outlet for her culinary passions. During this time, the concept quickly grew beyond the blog and cooking club and evolved into the unique artisanal culinary concept of today.

In 2014, divalicious dish was 1 of 3 recipients awarded the SURE/University of Houston 2014 Entrepreneur Academy Award Pitch Day. The beginning of the journey from divalicious dish to the savory experience began.

Taking divalicious dish back to its original roots, the blog eXPerience for the savory experience is now known as divalicious dish. In addition to the blog, the following eXPeriences represent the concept for today’s the savory experience:

  • savory eXPerience
  • personal chef
  • epicurean adventures
  • ar·ti·san·al per·fec·tions
  • food safety training
  • b2b consulting
  • private client consulting

ar·ti·san·al per·fec·tions

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